Stephanie & Mitch viewed RACE TO NOWHERE, a documentary that emphasizes the “over the top” demands, push and pressures our society has perhaps inadvertently instilled in the current generation.

Although a good point and certainly a “hopeful” reality check that it is okay for kids to be kids and that they do not have to have lived their life to the ultimate fullest before they even grow up and can just have simple experiences; we can’t say that we 100% agree with all of it.

For instance, some homework is good…. Certainly not 5 hours a night; but a regular homework assignment or review provides the opportunity to enhance one’s sense of discipline, responsibility and focus.

We certainly recommend that parents watch this documentary; if nothing else, hopeful it creates positive awareness.

For more information, visit: http://www.racetonowhere.com.  The good news is that life at Camp Towanda is like the way life should be or used to be!

At camp, we all live in this great community, are on the same page, not chasing our tails, not hiding behind a keyboard or plugged in. We interact face-to-face, play, learn, respect and appreciate the time we have.

Such an opportunity! Such a privilege! Camp Towanda is continuing education; but not stuff you can learn in a classroom or by hanging at home.

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