Refer A Friend

We’re looking for top quality staff for next season and we’d like your help.

When you are a returning staff member and refer qualified counselors to camp, we will pay you up to $100.00 per counselor.

Here are the details:

  • They must be qualified to be a counselor.
  • They must successfully complete the summer, as well as you.
  • You must submit, in writing, a description as to why this person is qualified, where you feel they would best fit in (what position, etc.) and which age group you feel they would do best in. E-mail this to
  • You must personally know the applicant.
  • This person must submit a complete staff application and write your name in the “referred to camp by” space.
  • You will act as an ambassador during the summer to the new staff member(s); this includes consulting, advising and nurturing.
  • Deadline for staff referrals is February 15.
  • We will pay you $50.00 (if you are a non-returning staff member) or 100.00 (if you are an active staff member) per successful referral at the end of the summer.

For more information about referring a friend and to
take advantage of our Referral Toolkit, click here!

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