Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Camp Towanda Different From Other Camps?

Although we have the highest quality facilities and almost every conceivable activity; the ingredient that makes our camp different from all others is that Camp Towanda is privately owned and operated. This is what we do, this is our passion. So when you talk with us, you are talking with the source! We feel that parents are sending their children to our home for the summer. That is exactly what sets the tone for our entire camp. All decisions are based simply on what we would do, allow and be comfortable with, in regards to our own children.

A well-rounded, wholesome, well-supervised, safe and secure environment for everyone. We exceed expectations of communication and transparency by leading, guiding and caring.

What is Towanda’s Philosophy?

We bring out the best in everyone, no matter who it is and no matter what that best is. Our goal is to have the campers and staff leave feeling better about themselves than when they arrived. The ingredients and life skills learned at Camp Towanda build on each other and throughout the multi-year experience at camp. These benefits of camp life are truly exceptional as they help set the foundation for honest and good morals and values. We develop trust and confidence with the parents and campers through healthy activities and healthy choices in a healthy atmosphere.

Who Is Camp Towanda For?

Camp Towanda is for kids who want to be kids. Camp Towanda offers a lot. We provide a program that adapts to the versatility and diversification of our campers. No matter what your level of experience, ability or interest is...Be it a soccer game, musical, water-skiing, overnights, tennis tournament, golf lesson, ceramics or pottery, basketball game, swim instruction or lacrosse game; Camp Towanda’s program provides the opportunity for instruction, development, game time, choice and participation.

We host tournaments in all sports and anyone who wants to be on a team, is. Teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship and camaraderie are more important than a must win (however, we don’t mind winning!). What is important is that everyone tries to the best of their ability and has the opportunity to develop and utilize his/her skills.

Our kids come from many different states and a few different countries.
We attract “down-to-earth” families and don’t go in for any fancy, high-gloss impressions. We are not about bells and whistles. We have a beautiful campus, a high quality program and a very caring and sensitive staff. That’s high quality, not high gloss! In fact, Mitch wrote all this information, not a hired advertising agency!

Camp Towanda is a safe and secure home that combines fun, friendships and special warmth with professional and responsible supervision and care. Our camp is one big family where everyone gets to know each other.

What Does Towanda Specialize In?

We don’t specialize in one particular activity. We, in fact, specialize in everything! Really. This means high quality instruction, skill development and game time in all areas. Not just sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and roller hockey; but, activities such as sculpture, nature, drama, mountain biking, martial arts, video, ropes and climbing. The list is virtually endless. However, we would say that we specialize in “life skills” and “social skills”; providing the proper tools to learn how to get along with different personalities and interests, teaching and demonstrating respect, camaraderie and appreciation.

If your child is a natural athlete; he or she will grow, develop and utilize many skills at camp. If your child is not a natural athlete; we still instruct and teach; however, we look for what they shine in to foster self-esteem Camp Towanda is not just sports, that’s just part of our day. We are about youth development.

Suffice it to say we are well rounded and offer many activities for all interests and abilities. We are not a competitive camp; however, we do offer enough competition for those that want to participate in intercamp games and tournaments. Anybody can be on a team; one just needs to choose to go to a practice.

Our schedule is structured. The kids travel with their counselors and group from activity to activity; in addition, each camper can also pick and choose “options” every day, of what they want individually. Our program progresses as the campers get older, providing more choices as well as exciting privileges, excursions and experiences. Each year is unique as well as highly anticipated by the campers.

Describe Camp, Please.

Camp Towanda is situated on over 400 acres located in the lush, rolling countryside of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. It is beautiful! Lots of open space, pure, pine tree fresh air and the smell of campfire! Everything at camp is maintained in top condition. We are continuously investing in and innovating our camp. In fact, if you would surprise visit us any day - you would find that camp is always in prime condition.

The feeling that we have for the kids shows up in the pride of the campus; it feels like home to everyone here. Our private, spring-fed 35-acre lake that has everything from water-skiing and sailing to the Tarzan swing, Tubing, paddle boats, canoes and white sandy beach. On top of that, down the dirt road we have a larger lake for advance waterski and sailing. It's hard to put it in words, or even capture in pictures - you have to be here to really grasp the beautiful, secure, spirited feeling of camp.

Tell Us More.

We average about 225 boys and 225 girls, just the right amount of kids in each group. This capacity allows us to know everyone individually. Although our daily activities are separate, we do eat meals together and conduct the evening activity with the entire camp. Our camper to counselor ratio is at least 4:1 in the cabin. The younger bunks have a higher ratio. Our department heads and administrative staff are older, more mature staff members; parents, themselves. The return rate for campers is usually at least 95%.

We interview everyone we hire and make all decisions based on what we would do for our own children. The majority of our staff returns each year and many are former campers turned counselors. One of the big differences at our camp versus others is that we have General Counselors (GCs) in every bunk; these counselors are with their kids all day, bonding, supporting and guiding to all activities, where they are greeted and assist the specialists.

We encourage our campers to stay on to become counselors. In preparation for that, we offer Leader-In- Training (L.I.T.) and Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.) programs. These entice the younger kids to aspire to be like their older “camp brothers and sisters”. The campers range in age from 6-17.

What Else Should We Know?

We are Accredited by the American Camp Association, members of the Wayne County Camping Association, Association Of Independent Camps, Association of Camp Nurses and Pennsylvania Camp Association. Mitch has been on the Board Of Directors of the American Camp Association and Steering Committee and frequent speaker for the Tri-State Regional Camp Conference. Mitch is the past president of Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education (SCOPE) and Leave Out Violence (LOVE), both disadvantaged youth oriented organizations. We proudly get the children involved in various community service programs…We have many campers who are 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation...We know how to take care and be supportive of first-time campers and their parents!...We have a real wholesome Friday Evening Shabbos Dinner and Service...Our canteen is a great “playroom”....Horseback riding, Hike & Bike trip, golf outings, culinary classes and tutoring are available...We offer an optional intensive tennis clinic for all levels...We have golf on our driving range as part of the regular program...We eat family style...We have an extensive salad bar...We love barbecues and astronomy (not necessarily at the same time!)… Laundry is done in our own facility, once a week---same day service (we still lose the socks!!)...Showers, toilets and sinks in all the cabins...Beautiful bunks!...Olympic swimming pool with splash pad…Ropes and challenge course, Mountain Biking...Treehouse Complex with Belay Challenge Course...weekly highlight videos, camper photo uploads, theatre productions...15,000 square foot gym, multiple large indoor facilities (basketball, hockey, gymnastics, gaga etc), Outdoor amphitheater, Unique evening activities…Intercamp tournaments...This is the greatest place!...So much more to tell you, too!!

How Long Is Camp?

2 miles! No really….We run a full 7-week program (just one session). Yes, we believe that a full summer is what camp is all about and those that come to our camp want that. It is truly the only way to get the most out of the experience of being away from home and making new friends.

We do offer a "First 4 Weeks" option for first year campers only. Be aware that everyone always ends up staying the full summer; but this plan seems to help the "nervous" parents!

The fun and camaraderie doesn’t end with the summer; throughout the off-season we have THE TOWANDA TIMES newsletter, our fabulous FRIDAY NITE FLIX channel, email ([email protected]), our web site (www.camptowanda.com), chat rooms, social media (Facebook, Instagram (#ctrunins #ctmeetups #towanda) reunions and get-togethers.

We are still going strong during the “off-season”. We host a Fall Foliage Barbecue for our camp families; a beautiful and relaxing day at camp. There is a New York area Reunion in November, A Florida Beach Party in December, in January we have a New Camper Get-Together (which we call “Group Scoop”), we offer a Ski Trip, the Senior Camper Sleepover at camp, Spring Picnic and much more!

What Is The Next Step?

Look through our website... Then, it is very important that we speak with each family; after all, you will be sending your children to our home for the summer! We wouldn't part with our children to just anyone. So, let's get together and talk camp! We can send you more information, in addition to the website stuff. Please call to set up an appointment and camp visit. Looking forward to talking soon!

In-Frequently Asked Questions

Where Exactly Is Camp Towanda Located?

Camp is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, nestled between the Pocono and Catskill Mountains. Camp is just eight miles north of Honesdale, Pennsylvania and approximately 2½ hours from the outskirts of New York City and Philadelphia by car.

Where Do You Get Your Staff?

Many staff members are former Towanda campers, adding to the spirit, giving back and making camp camp! We pride ourselves on our multi-year process of staff recruiting. The average age of our bunk counselors is 21. The staff comes from over 25 states, Canada and then a handful of overseas countries, adding to the spirit and culture of a great camp experience. Our Senior Staff are seasoned professionals, many of them, parents themselves. The majority of our staff returns each year! See OUR STAFF.

What Do You Wear?

Our staff always wears easily identifiable staff shirts. The campers are required to wear specific, but fun uniform items on most days (all depends on the activities that day). In addition, there is an opportunity each day for personal choice; however, we have found that wearing our hip and cool clothing adds to the spirit and helps eliminate provocative or unnecessary competition. Each morning at reveille "the dress for the day" is announced!

We are not into make up, blow dryers, curling irons or jewelry. Everyone wears socks and sneakers to activities. Sunscreen is applied several times daily!

Any Religious Observation?

Having predominately Jewish clientele, we say the "motzi" in Hebrew and English before each meal, have a wholesome Shabbos dinner and brief Friday evening service. There is an optional havdallah service in the garden on Saturday evenings during Free Play. Our food is served kosher style; however, one can have a cheeseburger if so desired. All this in an unimposing way….more of a wholesome and appreciative experience. Those who are not Jewish, are respectful and interested, as we would be in their home.

What’s With The Bunks?

Not bad! Not a five star hotel, but not bad! Beautiful wood floors, electricity, hot and cold water, windows, screens, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, wood platform beds and loads of spirit!

Umm, Is There Food?

We should say…YUM! Dining at camp is awesome excitement! Healthy choices are encouraged through balanced meals and fruit is always available. Our menus have been nutritionist-certified. We all eat at the same time! The Mess Hall is not a quiet room! Campers eat with their bunkmates and counselors. Our older camper waiters serve family style! In addition there are always alternatives at the extensive salad bars. We are happy to accommodate and oversee special dietary and allergy needs (on an individualized basis), including gluten-free, Celiac, Diabetes, Kosher, Dairy, etc in our specialized Galley Kitchen.

Adjustment to Camp?

We have many year round events that help with the transition of becoming a camper and a camper’s parent! An autumn barbecue, a Florida beach party, a new camper-parent orientation get together in January and our terrific camp big brother and sister program. All this helps lead to the magic of camp. Along the way, we will spoon feed all information and are just a phone call away, year-round.

Do You Have a Rookie Camp Program?

If your future camper would like to get a taste of camp, we recommend our S'MORE TOUR experience! These tours offer the chance for campers to join their future age group and participate in activities while parents tour Towanda with Mitch. Check it out!

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