Here at Camp Towanda we are all about kid-friendly, parent-approved healthy choices. Our nutritionist helps us create a balanced menu so that the kids actually eat, enjoy and try. We always have fresh fruit and pretzels available, and campers can find fresh vegetables, brown and white rice, pastas, and many other healthy choices at our extensive salad bar. We strongly believe that refreshing and nourishing snacks help keep our kids properly fueled for success here at camp (hey, just ask the kids about our Camp Towanda Fusion Water)!

Dining is quite an experience at Camp Towanda! We all eat at the same time as one big family. Health and NutritionThe "Mess Hall" is definitely not a quiet room! Lots of cheering! Campers eat with their bunkmates and counselors. Our older camper waiters serve family style.

We are able to handle most special dietary needs; including gluten, soy, lactose, kosher and vegetarian. Our on staff Nutritionist is ready to speak to you individually upon your request.

Camp is a great place for even the pickiest eaters because at camp kids grow leaps and bounds, conquer new fears, try new things, get out of their comfort zones and thrive. If your kid is a picky eater, camp just may be the cure!

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