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Latest News From The CT Blog!

  • The Gift is Camp
    The Gift is Camp

    If you are like many camp parents, it is easy to get caught up in the Visiting Day hoopla. When did Visiting Day go from bringing ritz crackers and spray cheese to window shopping through endless Instagram photos of gifts and baskets and cellophane-wrapped camp-themed goodies? Visiting Day fever is a real thing that parents […]

  • Don’t Shy Away From Camp
    Don’t Shy Away From Camp

    A few weeks ago, The W.O.C. (aka our Winter Office Crew), Stephanie and I attended the annual American Camping Association Tri-State conference (hey, I’m on the Board of Directors). The conference is an opportunity for us to hit pause on the camp countdown and learn with industry experts about the camping business and child development…and […]

  • Working at Camp Puts Millennials on the Path to Success (Today More Than Ever)
    Working at Camp Puts Millennials on the Path to Success (Today More Than Ever)

    There has been a viral video by TED Talk speaker Simon Sinek about millennials in the workplace that has been very hot over social media newsfeeds during recent weeks. If you haven’t seen it, it is a must- check it out here. Then, read on! In summary, the video suggests the millennial generation is struggling […]

  • Former Staff Testimonials
    Former Staff Testimonials

    Don’t just take our word for it…some former Towanda staff share how working at camp had a positive impact on their career and future. “I learned invaluable lessons from my 5 summers as a counselor. I learned leadership skills, conflict resolution, responsibility, and how to delegate. I learned to work with people of all ages, […]

  • The Sound of Silence
    The Sound of Silence

    Parents don’t always realize how intense the build-up to camp is until their campers flee the nest. For the past 6+ months you have been talking about camp, not talking about camp, shopping for camp, labeling for camp, practicing goodbyes, packing trunks, and just about everything in between, to prepare for the day the busses […]

  • Camp Towanda Creates “Totally Epic” Pepsi Camp Half Time Videos
    Camp Towanda Creates “Totally Epic” Pepsi Camp Half Time Videos

    When we learned that Pepsi was launching a new series of videos called “Camp Halftime” leading up to the Super Bowl, we were excited. And then we saw that they were filmed on the Netflix set of Wet Hot American Summer…which is really the Hollywood replica set of Camp Towanda! If you remember, the original movie Wet Hot […]

  • Camp and Giving
    Camp and Giving

    With the holiday gift-giving season upon us, we thought it was fitting to recognize what we believe is the greatest gift a parent can give a child…it can’t be wrapped, it can’t be opened, it can only be experienced…because it is the gift of CAMP. Our campers tell us repeatedly throughout the summer how thankful […]

  • Olympic Sing 2015- Song Sheets
    Olympic Sing 2015- Song Sheets

    Did you Walk Like an Egyptian Pharaoh or Wiggle Like a Snake Charmer? Here are the official song sheets for 2015 Olympic Sing. Red Snake Charmers vs. Blue Pharaohs. Click below and sing loud! Olympic Sing- Red Snake Charmers Olympic Sing-Blue Pharaohs    

  • Towanda Sports Center: 2015 Season Review
    Towanda Sports Center: 2015 Season Review

    Camp started and ended with rain- the first and last two days were wet, but in between it was a phenomenal season as Towanda Sports Center raised the bar even more since 2014. It was a summer that flew by with visiting teams coming and going as well as Towanda teams traveling and hosting. We […]

  • The Homecoming
    The Homecoming

    Can you believe the campers come home this week?! Where did the summer go? As you anxiously await their arrival by bus, plane or car, it’s good to think about where they are really coming from- emotionally. For seven weeks, they have been part of a constant community, living in a bunk with a dozen friends, […]

ACA Accredited

ACA Accreditation means that the camp you are considering for your child cares enough to undergo a thorough (over 300 standards) review of its operation – from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. American Camp Association collaborates with experts from The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross and other youth service agencies to assure that current practices at the camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. Camps and ACA form a partnership that promotes summers of growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.

ACA helps accredited camps provide:
Healthy, developmentally appropriate and learning experiences and activities;
Discovery through experiential education; Caring, competent role models;
Service to the community and the environment; Opportunities for leadership and personal growth.

Accreditation is voluntary and ACA accreditation assures families that camps have made the commitment to a safe, nurturing environment for their children.

ACA goes beyond basic requirements for health, cleanliness, and food service into specific areas of programming, including camp staff from director throughout counselors, emergency management plans, health care, and management. ACA applies separate standards for activities such as waterfront, adventure and travel.

Parents can (and should) verify the accreditation status of any camp at any time by visiting ACA’s website or by calling 1-800-428-CAMP.
If the camp you are considering is not ACA accredited, ask WHY NOT?

Camp Towanda is not only accredited by the American Camp Association, but has staff members that serve on the ACA Board of Directors as well as one of their Accreditation Inspectors of other camps. Mitch is a former board member himself, of the ACA as well as a Steering Committee member and speaker at the annual camp association conference. He is actively involved and on the boards of several charitable organizations (SCOPE, L.O.V.E. and VisionWalk) that he gets the campers involved in.

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