A Message from the Athletic Director

In addition to the family atmosphere, the intense sprit, tradition, legacy and incredibly respectful camaraderie that flows through our camp, we have a very healthy and successful athletic program.

We are proud of our kids’ sportsmanship, participation and respect of other camps, as well as teamwork and Towanda pride.

We have a very healthy balance and well-rounded program with excellent facilities that keeps ALL our campers very happy, motivated and excelling; from our more competitive athletes to our campers who are trying a sport for the first time!

Our kids thrive because we don’t put on the pressure and provide parents a much-needed break from getting caught up in the competition from afar (which is why we don’t live-tweet games or share daily scores). Some of our families are in the intense sports circuit for 10 months of the school year with travel sports and practices. It’s refreshing that when the pressure is off… our kids are winners! They feel good, everyone plays and it is a team that cares about each other!

We happen to win a lot of championships, which we attribute to our healthy attitude. Regardless, win or lose, the teams are called up to the flagpole for recognition! Camp Towanda is about so much more than sports, although they are a big part of our program. We are proud of our program, our coaches and most importantly our kids!

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