Things are heating up at Camp Towanda!

So, the weeks leading up to camp were damp, chilly, cold and raw up here in the rolling countryside of NorthEastern Pennsylvania…and we dreamed of hot summer days…there is no doubt that the summer has started off…..hitting 90 everyday so far!


The spirit, friendships and smiles represent a feeling that we all have been here for a long time while it has really been only 4 full days so far! If you were a fly on the wall, you would not believe it!

From the Dorm Girls dressing up for Maniac Monday to the Club Boys dressing up for “Half Christmas” on Tuesday (a celebration they concocted). They even played Christmas music all day, which psychologically cooled us off.

icecream mitch

The younger campers look up to these groups as if they were larger than life…and everyone else supports and gets into that!

We extended lunch hour on Tuesday for make our own banana splits  (D-LISH)…the perfect way to chill out on a hot day!


We’ve squeezed in General Swims whenever we can. Casper, the camp dog,  lifeguarded at the Tarzan Swing (making sure every single camper that dropped into the lake was safe).

Tuesday night, Steve Max returned to camp for his entertaining Simon Sez Show that got the whole camp involved!


On Wednesday, Stephanie and I hung out with the Debs & Dillies and the Jets…they are sooo cute and lovin life at camp!

The Culinary Classes at the Farm made sushi, spring rolls, brownies, and banana cake .  Really, impressive!  Recipes coming soon!

We also had a heavy duty downpour at lunch on Wednesday so we extended mess hall time with a classic rock tunes dance party!  Playlist coming soon!


Lower camp groups experienced real down to earth nature classes today with our resident guru, Nathaniel!

Last night, I reffed an intense GHOST game between the Middie and Junior boys…wow! Fun, excitement and intense play!

We had to use the GOAT ALERT ALARM system this evening as our “goats”, you know, our 2 miniature horses named Horsey and Donkey…escaped. What a scene with Casper and The Campers trying to round them up. Hey! Hay!

Afterwards, the LITs had a pizza party in the canteen. The CITs, who are excellent (also) ; enjoyed the sushi leftovers.

And The Dorm Girls were off campus at their Canoe trip.

zumbaCamp is moving; the kids are grooving, the counselors have begun days off and we are enjoying every minute with the kids; Camp Towanda is truly a very special family.


Let the Summer of Lucky ’13 Begin!!

signs  mitchbus  stephhug hughome

June 22, 2013. The longest day of the year as summer officially began and it ended with a fabulous staff show, bonfire, moon rising and milk & cookies.  Welcome back to your summer home.


Our campers were greeted by our excited staff, their bunkmates and hugs from Mitch, Stephanie, Bobby, Amy, Michael and Lisa.  Lots of smiles, singing, hugging and cheering in full bloom ALREADY!  The summer of Lucky 2013 is officially here!

We didn’t waste any time on Day 1.  Icebreaker games, like “Bear, Fish, Mosquito” (see picture on the left) helped make new campers feel like old friends within the first 5 minutes!  General swim, spaghetti dinner and free play, followed by evening activity fun!

Sunday morning’s reveille song (after the bugle) was Alan Sherman’s “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”; breakfast with The Beatles featured “Come Together” and Lunch with the Beach Boys busted out with “Fun, Fun, Fun”; only to be drowned out by the Sunday Grateful Dead BBQ (This Week was Built To Last)! Nothing like Camp Towanda music!

topenboys90 degrees of sunshine, activity and excitement was what the day was about! It seemed as if we have all been here awhile already!

From gymnastics to waterfront to soccer and basketball to crafts and zumba to baseball and tennis!

The evening activities included THE Towanda OPEN for Lower Camp; running around attempting different crazy challenges that included the jello toss, pudding eating, dizzy bats and garlic fries! Suffice it to say that we have created the first real batch of dirty laundry….but boy, did they have fun!



Upper Camp cheered and screamed during their Game Show-like night of what we call UNIQUE ENTERTAINMENT! Bringing together the older campers for social fun, spirit, singing and laughter!

We all put in a full day.  Friendships have begun and/or are rekindled; Today we deserved a late reveille since it was another hot one…and we have all been going, going since arrival!  Stay tuned for more updates on the CT Blog!

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