Second Week Stride!

85c6001d-6844-4791-a743-95183500a9daIt’s the second week and we are hitting our stride. So many quintessential camp activities that are great traditions here at Camp Towanda happen in the second week. We started out with a Buffet breakfast on the lawn picnic tables, activities and “make your own sandwich” lunch outside. All of camp then hit the waterfront for our amazing water carnival with loads of rides, slides, cotton candy, popcorn, fruit, melon, great dancing and music.  It was a warm sunny day that also featured a 10 minute rain shower that chased us all in to the boathouse (rain pounding on the tin roof while the girls sang as loud as they could to drown out the weather)…those are the things you remember most about camp! The unexpected moments. We then we went back out and continued the fun on the huge slides and rides! I couldn’t resist jumping in on the action…camp fun for everyone.

12834fbd-bdca-47e3-a478-242c0852127cIf you could be here you would feel the energy. Always exciting, always fun, always loving, growing and getting closer…as a big camp family. I see the older kids with the youngest, I see piggy back rides, I see kids playing activities and singing and dancing…the spirit and attitude is wonderful…even those few campers who write home telling their parents they are homesick are up on stage, involved, have friends and are smiling…..when I ask them why they wrote such letters, they look at me and say something like…”oh, I really don’t mean that, I was just writing that because I miss them and I love it here…” Kids!

d59e42d5-e589-4494-93e6-136fe67de26fThe rest of the week was beautiful weather, late reveilles, activities, inter-camp games, culinary classes, yo-yo clinic, Stephanie’s Fine Arts Class and so much more! We had an all camp magic show and the return of the very talented Steve Max–a camp favorite activity of Simon Sez. Old fashioned-fun that delivers the message of RESPECT.

We had our first official trip day this Thursday, bowling and the movies…or as the counselors say, “Ahhh, air conditioning”!  The Nationals had a 3 day excursion in the Adirondacks and our camp family is back together as we head into another Friday…which means an evening of shabbat services and our second edition of Friday Nite Flix!!! Woooo!

26e07da9-120d-4ad5-94db-8381245cdd09Our life at camp moves at a fairly quick pace; activity-to-activity; joke-to-joke; song-to-song and friend-to-friend. The real magic is that it all happens so naturally here; without intervention from the outside world. There is something special when one has a personal achievement, they can soak in the moment without searching for parental accolades from the sidelines. This is where we see growth, self-confidence and true healthy self-esteem build. It’s all happening here at camp…we’re enjoying every minute!

Four days of 4th of July!

It was an action-packed FOUR days of activities, and tribute to the red, white and blue! We told you there was MORE in 20-1-4! We cannot believe it’s only been a little over a week because our campers are in the routine, having a blast and the spirit is high!

ddd00dc9-c7eb-4335-aa1d-7aa2606f6321It all started on Thursday with a foggy lawn breakfast buffet (did you see it on the Live Camp Cam?), then we got in 2 activities, a sultry lunch and an awesome live CAMPAPOLOOZA concert in our amphitheater (complete with big beach balls, water hose, ice cream and the sounds of FIKUS blasting excellent classic rock and roll to our dancing crowd). As soon as the concert ended, we got some very specific lightning bolts jolting around our region. Our planning was right on target as we had already cancelled general swim due to our impressive weather staion with pinpoint lightning detection so everyone was already safely back in the bunks when the rain pummeled the already saturated ground…the rain and t-storms delayed dinner and our campers got some quality, relaxing time together in the bunks.

391fa01a-7600-4931-b197-52ac526e35bdWe finally ate and then the Dorm Girls (our most senior campers) ran an impromptu foul shooting contest, which we call Horseracing in the field house. And since I got in my famous backwards half court shot, I promised if I made it, reveille will be at 8:30 AM!! Whew…

We continued our July 4th festivities on Friday. The weather changed from sultry summer to dry and crisp autumn!   A beautiful day of patriotic honors, co-eding, silly name day, breaking the Guinness Record for yo-yo ing and then Friday Nite Flix.

We kicked off the festivities with the Jets and Debs’ Color Guard at Flagpole, a morning of fun Coed activities, an All-American chicken, rib & vegetarian lunch BBQ and then we all joined together to beat the Guinness Record of Yo-Yo participation; this was crazy fun and everyone received Yo-Yo lessons from our very own world champion Yo-Yo master, Dan Green (ranked in world competition) , returning for his 2nd summer.  As a souvenir of the day, everyone got to keep their very own Camp Towanda logo’d Yo-Yo!


Then the British Staff took over the newly paved road behind the Girls Bunk line and declared it forevermore “Abby Road”…the stripes will be officially painted in the coming days!

One more coed activity then we had our weekly Friday night shabbos dinner, services in the Field House with the fireplace lit, Friday Nite Flix which played to a standing ovation and under-lined the totally immersed excitement we are living here; having fun, learning, growing and did I mention FUN?!!!

Don’t forget to check out our Friday Nite Flix page for our weekly highlights. Usually posted on Saturday morning.

1d3b547f-ea92-4d31-a059-6f1929baf3d9I joined the oldest “CLUB” boys on Friday night for an after hours campfire; a very special gathering of the brotherhood from Club members of the past and now present. We can’t talk about it, but this ceremony underlines and reinforces the foundation of what these boys have gained over the years since they started here….and now they are ready to lead by example, spirit, trust, respect, confidence, balance  and pride!  This is what this what growing up at camp is about… in an unplugged, old school way of life….

5e4fb8fa-4e72-4dd0-b38a-12cef1c61a24The weekend was filled with more fun, activities and new families starting to tour Towanda for Summer ’15.  New campers and parents visiting tell us that Towanda looks, smells, sounds and feels like the way camp should be! Our kids and staff are smiling, active, look really happy and there is an overall sense of warmth and pride here……OMG and thanks!  That is our goal…so it is nice to hear it from the outside looking in.  I share that with our staff and it just helps them want to do even better!

931c9403-5713-452b-99df-ed0ed6697e18Saturday our campers put on a show that showcased their diverse talents! It was good fun and everyone cheered! Towanda’s Got Talent people!

Sunday was a Top 10 weather day and certainly one of the best days at camp so far (that’s a bit unfair since every day gets better). Activities, fun, Grateful Dead BBQ and Luau at Sunset Lake followed by our delayed 4th of the July fireworks which were just awesome…..set to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture!  It was a big sky of ooooh-ahhh-ohhh!

Life at CT is amazing…watching everyone grow, get together and hearing the feedback from staff that tell me…”I love my kids and I cant believe I feel like I have made so many new best friends in such a short time”…well, that attitude just trickles down to the kids; we all feel it here.



What a weekend and a week to come!!!! Magic Show, Steve Maxx Returns, Excursions, Upper Camp Play and much more in store in 20-14! Week 2 is in full swing already… off to lunch, we hear American Pie playing…

What is it about the Olympics?

let the games beginWhile the Sochi Olympics came to a close last night, at Camp Towanda we get to experience our own Olympics every year.

huddle2When new campers and families come to visit us during summer, they are often interested in learning more about our tradition of Olympics (some camps call it Color War).  We offer many opportunities for competition and celebration throughout the summer, but nothing compares to the grand-daddy of them all…OLYMPICS.  Our entire camp benefits from this multi-day event…and even our counselors and leaders grow in ways they could never have without this experience you only get at camp.  Here’s why…

huddleThe intensity of the summer is at its peak. You can taste the special and super secret start in the air (we call it Break Out). Everyone is intensely on an anticipatory edge. Then suddenly the lights go and the horn blares. This is it. Olympics!

Throughout the year we live 10 months for 2 with Towanda always on our mind. Sometimes at camp it seems as if we live the summer for the culminating days of Olympics. The Olympics of Camp Towanda are unparalleled to any other event. Campers and Counselors alike compete, in good spirit and sportsmanship for Red and Blue. Everyone’s best shines through. Everyone gives it their all. Everyone has an impact. Everyone’s fire burns.

ccsgirlsHowever, none of it would be possible without the teams’ leadership. Twelve counselors are appointed as Generals based upon several qualities. A General is someone who leads by example, who is a role model for both co-counselors and campers.

Generals represent hard work and stamina. From Breakout until the closing Olympic Sing presentation, the Generals must make sure all the pieces of the Olympic puzzle fit together seamlessly. Tired is not a word in their vocabulary. Passion fuels them; the “good of camp” is at their core. They are supported by a team of spirited, equally hard-working Camper Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants who serve as role models for all campers.  We hear so often that these leadership opportunities help shape the future of our campers and counselors in the real world and in their careers.

Each year brings a new team of leadership, a new fire to Olympics. The stage for 2014 is getting set*. Is there anybody out there?

(*Editor’s note: or will there be?)

Click here to watch video highlights of our Camp Towanda Olympics 2013!

Past the Tipping Point

IMG_5996January 18, 2014 was the exact balanced date of number of days since camp ended until the number of days until camp will restart.  As we now start TIPPING towards the upcoming summer of 2014 (the 92nd year of Camp Towanda and our 25th year as Owners and Directors), it’s fun to reflect on some memories of 2013 and look forward to “what is IN STORE, in 20-14”! Here are some of my favorite memories from last summer:

  • Seeing everyone at line-ups
  • Dancing in the mess hall
  • On the surfboards in the lake
  • Entering the amphitheater to great music
  • The first 10 days of camp we had a thunderstorm every afternoon followed by 3 weeks of an average of hot & humid 90s.
  • The Goat Alert Alarm system was activated for the goats (actually the horses named chipmunk and donkey), rabbits and chickens (who are now producing at least 4 eggs a day). The Feng Shui of the CIT girls.
  • Trying to convert from the old wooden outdoor tables to testing the poly recycling wood tables and chairs (a big and not easy consideration).
  • Many porch and outdoor Buffet breakfasts
  • How about the Olympic scenery (from the faulty cloning factory to the fun graveyard of zombies and all the shredded paper on the floor)!?
  • They “…started at the bottom, now we’re here…” shouted the C –L- U- B, while the CITs responded with a “we started at the bottom and now we are back”!’
  • The bird dropped during Girls Sing, just moments away from possibly wrecking the Dorm’s appetite!
  • Those scary clone pictures.
  • The CITuation.
  • Yo- Yo class (Dan will be back for more in 2014).
  • Did anyone ever eat the gefitile fish and matzo supply that is in the Canteen?
  • Melton Levine pronouncing “TMF”= Too Much Fun!
  • Mitch still owes B-3 a story!
  • The YES girls from the Dillies. T
  • The Root beer Mug Club from the Wayne County Fair.
  • And, of course, more Tiki Barber Lollipops than you can eat.

As for 2014, what records will we break? What memories will we make? We can’t wait! We’re getting ready for more in 20-14.




Experience, Wisdom, Appreciation.

Ethan Kripke, a 2nd generation Towanda-er, completed his Club year, is currently in 10th grade and will be back in the future as a counselor! This past July, Ethan wrote the following reflection as his sermon to the rest of camp. 

IMG_7116Lots of camper sermons start out with something along the lines of: the first time I stepped off the bus onto Camp Towanda, I was scared. It was a strange new place, filled with people I didn’t know yet, and I was without my family for the first time. My experience, however, was a little different. I had been raised on stories of camp for my whole life. Thanks to encouragement from my father, my brother, and my sister, I was more than ready to hop on the bus and go. I was excited for the weeks to come, with activities and sports, talent shows, trip days, Olympics, and of course, making new friends.

So, for me, the last time I stepped off the bus onto Camp Towanda, I was scared. It was my final year as a camper, and I knew that after the summer, I might not see some of my friends for a very long time. And though this fear has been plaguing me from the beginning of this summer, I have since come to realize that it has also helped me to appreciate the summer even more. It motivates me to have as much fun as possible while I still can, and to be the best I can be to the people who have been a huge part of my life for seven whole years.

In these years, here at Camp Towanda, I have learned many lessons that I have used and will continue to use throughout my life. In this respect, camp is just as important as traditional schooling. At camp, you learn how to take care of yourself and gain personal independence, while also learning and appreciating the value of trust and teamwork. Camp is a place where you understand that friendship is one of the strongest bonds on Earth, and can overcome any challenge. These types of lessons are never taught at school, yet are seamlessly integrated into the daily life of Towanda, helping you learn from your experiences, whether they are mistakes or successes. That’s the beauty of camp: no matter the activity, you’re having fun while also learning, even if you don’t realize it at the time.

club13One of the most important lessons I have learned throughout my time at camp is to live in the moment. While it would be easy to spend my days reliving the past or only worrying about what is to come, I would find that my summers become less enjoyable, and some important experiences would pass me by. In the end, the advice that I have to give to the younger campers (of which I was one) is to cherish the “now”—not the “then”, or the ‘will be’, and to fully appreciate things as they happen, because before you know it, they will only be fond memories.

Where are they now? Alumni Spotlight-5th Edition

wherearetheynowIt’s that time for another edition of Camp Towanda “Where Are They Now?” We have four new alum sharing their fond memories and stories about the camp we love!  We are posting these in the order they come in, and this week we happen to have a double dose of Dorm ’99 girls! Plus a former Olympiad from the ’90s and someone from Club ’02.

Please keep your entries coming and send to [email protected].  We have so many more great ones to share with you!










Matt Levy

  1. Dorm / Club Year:  Club 1994
  2. College Attended?  University of Pennsylvania (Wharton); Tulane University Law School
  3. Current Career:  Anheuser-Busch (Business Services Center, Project Management)
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way?  Yes.  Socializing with people from all walks off life.
  5. What was your favorite camp activity?  waterskiing
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp? 1994 olympics (won Olympiad); or watching Marc Penziner “street luge” down the hill from boys camp to the infirmary
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song.  “Devils arise with brimstone and flame; we’re here tonight to stake out our claim.” (1989 Red Devils)
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers? take lots of pictures
  9. Fill in the blank: When I hear American Pie I think of Camp Towanda!

Michelle Goldblum

  1. Dorm / Club Year: 1999
  2. College Attended? The George Washington University
  3. Current Career: Founder of I AM. creative, a full service brand strategy, brand development, design & marketing agency specializing in the mind/body/spirit, wellness, self-empowerment, self-improvement space.
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way? 100%. 3-minute showers have continued to be clutch in my life.
  5. What was your favorite camp activity? Senior Year Canoe trip… Olympics ’99… Tweens & Juniors Tropical Paradise.
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp? First kiss and getting camper captain (is that so horrible and cliche to say?)
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song. Go down,  Moses,:  Way down in Egypt’s land, tell old pharoah, let my people go!
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers? 2 months is so incredibly short. Don’t worry about what bunk you are in. Don’t worry about being the counselors favorite. JUST PLAY and laugh and be happy to be outside.
  9. Fill in the blank: When I think of walking up the grassy knoll, see someone in a british soccer jersey, watch fireworks, hear American Pie or eat french toast, I think of Camp Towanda!
  10. If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be? I wish i remembered the rules for ghost to be able to answer this question!

AJ Axelrod

  1. Dorm / Club Year: 2002
  2. College Attended: Vanderbilt University
  3. Current Career: Management Consulting
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way? My first college roommate was a camp friend as are many of my lifelong friends. It helped me adjust to the communal living aspect of college.
  5. What was your favorite camp activity? everything
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp? Becoming a camper captain (My father and I are the first father son combination) and rope burning but there are so many small moments that stand out too.
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song. the last 2 lines of American Pie, I was always hungry by then.
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers? Do everything you can possibly do, get in a little bit of trouble, but not the serious kind. If you’re a boy, chase more girls it’s good practice for later in life and the girls are really in charge anyway. Stay in touch with your counselors. When you’re 20+ they don’t seem so much older than you and you may seem them all over the world if you travel. I’ve seen counselors in Colorado, NY, London and Sydney Australia.
  9. If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be?  I would ban boxing out on the jump to start the match. I used it to win the jump all the time. I would also ban sacrificing yourself to become a ghost.

Rachel Berkman Bloom 

  1. Dorm Year: 1999
  2. College Attended: University of Michigan
  3. Current Career: Private Equestrian/Athletic Tutor, Judith Ripka South Florida Representative
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way? Towanda helped me learn to be independent.
  5. What was your favorite camp activity? It is too hard to pick just one! Maybe DJ nights. OH and when we had an all camp water fight and gold rush. Trip days, the list goes on…
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp? My first Olympic breakout in 1993
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song.  Our entire Tween/Junior girls sing cheer and march – I still know every word! Tweens and Juniors take the stage, time to prove we are the best, sing is here and there’s no doubt that we’re gonna beat the rest check it out!…
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers? Enjoy every second of every day, and take a lot of pictures and never lose them.
  9. Fill in the blank: When I smell a particular summer night , see my old camp shirts in my drawer, watch Wet Hot American Summer, hear American Pie (of course) or eat milk and cookies, I think of Camp Towanda!
  10. If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be? If I could add one rule to ghost it would be that people walking by can be considered ghosts and brought into the game for one throw.

Where are they now? Alumni Spotlight- 4th Edition


Our Alumni Spotlight CAMPaign is back with 5 new alum sharing their fond memories and insights about the camp we love! Please keep your entries coming and send to [email protected].  We have so many more great ones to share with you! 

Ross Prussin, Camp Towanda Club 1993

Ross Prussin

  1. Dorm / Club Year: Club 1993
  2. College Attended? University of Colorado at Boulder
  3. Current Career: Equity Derivative Sales
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way? Yes, it taught me to better adjust to having my own independence. And the networking skills I learned are unequivocal. I can play a mean game of Jewish geography.
  5. What was your favorite camp activity? My favorite camp activity would be either intracamp sports or rope burning
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp? 1986 Breakout at the waterfront (Red Explorers vs. Blue Emperors).
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song.    ….I learned what love and friendship really meanTTT…..
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers?  Enjoy each and every moment at camp and savor each day because one day when you are old like me, you will still only want to be in one place when each summer rolls around.
  9. Fill in the blank: When I think of Bill Alexander, Jerry Maze, Byron and Bill or Al Foley, hear Billy Joel or eat Corn Pops, I think of Camp Towanda!
  10. If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be? Or if you are from the Pre-GHOST era: if you could add an event to The Great Apache Relay, what would it be? I would add a hot dog eating contest to the Apache Relay. There should definitely be some sort of eating contest in there.

Maxx Rapaport

  1. Dorm / Club Year: 2003
  2. College Attended? Indiana University
  3. Current Career: Sales Planner at the National Football League
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way? It’s all about communicating with people, finding a common ground, and building relationships. That is also the way I view sales.
  5. What was your favorite camp activity? Rope Burning. The best times at camp where down time, shooting the breeze on the porch with your bunk mates, or going for a walk during UTL.
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp? Winning Rope Burning was a big one, watching my sister get CC was huge.
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song. C-L-U-B, you know who you want to be…
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers? Say “yes” to everything. You aren’t better than anyone else in the bunk. Strive for relationships, especially with with BOB, Pelton and Z.
  9. Fill in the blank: When I think of the happiest times in my childhood, see my camp friends or girlfriend, watch Ferris Buller’s day off or any of the BYOC movies, hear American pie or eat peanut butter and jelly, I think of Camp Towanda!
  10. If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be? GHOST is perfect as it is.

Brooke Gomberg (now Brooke Weissman)

  1. Dorm / Club Year: Dorm 1997 ( I am pretty sure, oye)
  2. College Attended? University of Wisconsin- Madison
  3. Current Career: Luxury Director, Hearst Digital Media ( a division of Hearst corp). Oversee Beauty for the digital women’s division covering brands such as:, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Redbook & Good Housekeeping and cover all beauty advertisers for the brands
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way? Camp Towanda helped me learn how to adapt to others. For example, in the real world you are faced with challenges everyday; such as personality differences and disagreements. Learning how to live, and work together with others allowed me to learn how to adapt to changing circumstances and be the best person I can be.  I also used to be very homesick when i was younger, thinking that it would never go away–but never giving up and sticking something out always has the most amazing results!
  5. What was your favorite camp activity? Without a doubt, Tennis. I used to be good!! And Olympics of course
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp? Being named a camper captain of Olympics and then a few years later, General!
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song. “Kings and Queens and Bishops too”
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers? Cherish the friends and the memories you make–some of my best memories were at camp!
  9. Fill in the blank: When I think of ___Hershey Park____, see___my old towanda tees_____, watch___wet hot american summer_____, hear _revelee________ or eat __chocolate chip cookies________, I think of Camp Towanda!
  10. If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be? I was in the ghost era, but I need a brush up on the rules. Are you allowed to go back in once you are out?
Jessica Hartmann, Camp Towanda Counselor 2007

Jessica Hartmann

  1. Counselor 2007
  2. College Attended?: Skidmore College
  3. Current Career: Surgical Coordinator, Plastic Surgery Department at Boston Children’s Hospital
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way?  At camp, you learn to live with a bunch of people from different backgrounds and home rules, but while at camp everyone learns to live together and abide by the rules of camp.  You may not agree with everything, but you make it work.
  5. What was your favorite camp activity? Gymnastics!
  6. What is your most memorable moment at camp?  I went with the girl’s gymnastics team to a meet at Camp Wayne, and we were recognized for our sportsmanship.  I was so proud of our girls and how well they represented Towanda!
  7. Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song. “Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name – Camp Towanda!”  And “Love will pervade us though miles separate us”
  8. What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers?  Enjoy every moment of camp and appreciate being surrounding by people who genuinely want to be your friend and want the best for you.  Your camp years will be over before you know it.
  9. Fill in the blank: When I think of hot summer days, see the Scranton PA sign , watch the Baseball All Star game, hear American Pie or eat chocolate chip cookies that are never as good as Jonesie’s, I think of Camp Towanda!
  10. If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be? Ahh!  I don’t know – I always had trouble keeping them all straight to begin with!

Risa Rabinowitz

  1. Dorm 2005
  2. College Attended: University of Michigan
  3. Current Career: Graduate School
  4. Did Towanda help prepare you for the “real world”? In what way? YES. I learned that it is impossible to be successful in everything when you are trying it for the first time; new experiences are a good thing and should be embraced; folding socks is both important AND practical.
  5.  What was your favorite camp activity? My favorite camp activity was soccer!
  6. What was your most memorable moment at camp? My most memorable moment at camp was during the last few weeks of Dorm summer. I accidentally threw out an envelope filled with cash that my mom and dad had sent me to put in the bank for the last few camp trips. I got out of the shower and was about to get dressed for dinner when I saw an envelope filled with the same amount of money on my bed–my dorm sisters each chipped in and replaced every dollar for me. That was when I realized that I was part of a group of girls that would do absolutely anything for one another without being asked.
  7.  Give us a line or two of your favorite camp song. YOU BOTH KICKED OFF YOUR SHOES, MAN I DIG THOSE RYTHM AND BLUES!!!
  8.  What words of wisdom would you share with today’s campers? Don’t be scared to keep going back to camp for as long as you can. People who say that “it is time to become a part of the real world,” don’t understand that Camp Towanda is as real as it gets.
  9. Fill in the blank. When I think of Dip n’ Dots, see fireworks, watch kids playing knockout, hear taps, I think of Camp Towanda!
  10.  If you could add a rule for GHOST, what would it be? If it is after lunch, and sloppy joes were served AT lunch, you are not allowed to aim at someone’s stomach.

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We the people…

971653_604460312927801_1798849362_nGreetings Constituents,

It just gets better every day, Wednesday was kind of like a normal day. Hot, late reveille (we need them on these hot days), inter camp games, activities, swim, circus workshops, chicken patties for lunch (a favorite), canteen and then capped off with our ELECTIONALITY CONVENTION; I know you have heard of the Republican and Democratic Parties; well, here we have the Birthday Party and The Giddiap Poll (Not Gallop)!


For those who haven’t experienced Electionality, it’s another one of our Camp Towanda traditions.  Electionality is an event where we vote for our Camp Presidents (a co-ed ticket from Upper and Lower Camp) and also where our campers (aka “Delegates”) of all ages get to show us their creativity, making up their own “States”! The different States (or groups) campaigned for their favorite ticket as the camp presidential candidates presented very entertaining speeches.


All running mates were great; entertaining, creative and “full of buster”! That’s Mitch Political Humor!  Each Bunk came as a different state.  Last night we did some rare, “Live Tweeting” from the event, introducing the “States” (#electionality13).  In case you missed it…the Official List is below.

jetsWe had The State of The Camp Address and an in depth video of drawing up the Towanda Constitution (something about the demand for later reveille’s and more canteens)!

It was just another very creative, fun and “everyone” involved all camp event, which is how we usually run our evening activities!  Congratulations to all candidates; we look forward to the presidential dinner on the mansion porch!


Debs – State of Rainbows

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Jets – State of Confusion

“Time Warp”

Dillies – State of Hippies

“All You Need is Love”


nerdsCadets – State of Airborne Cadets

“I Believe I Can Fly”

NO RAINTweens – State of Nerds

“Popular – Wicked”

FAR AWAYboysMiddies – State of Rainy Summer

Junior Girls – State of Far Far Away

“Today Was a Fairy Tale”

Junior Boys – State of Celebrity

“Empire State of Mind”

girlsInter Girls – State of Neon

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

questionsInter Boys – State of Questions

“Come on Ride that Train”

Senior Girls – State of Pears

“Nobody’s Perfect”

Senior Boys – State of Francine

“You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”

Dorm – State of Carack O’Bama

“Jet Blue Jet”

Club – State of Sunshine”

“Square Dancing”

LIT Girls – State of Work Hard, Play Hard

“Word Hard, Play Hard”

LIT Boys— State of Brolife

“I’ll Be Missing You”

CIT – State of Hard Knock Life

“Hard Knock Life”






francine carak XWORKHARD BROLIFE