Red Jesters vs. Blue Royalty!!!!

Okay check this out; all summer long we are working on this AMERICAN PIE video dub/synch. We are shooting scenes all around camp with everyone. We have kids kicking shoes off; we are driving chevys to levees; we are digging rhythm & blues; we sang dirges in the dark; even the parents sang along on Visiting Day!

We wore red, white & blue or dressed in costume; everyone was into helping bring alive our traditional lunch time bugle call, Don McLean’s American Pie; celebrating 40 years since its debut and 20 years as a Camp Towanda lunchtime tradition!

Throughout the summer, scenes, retakes and planning…of singing American Pie!

In recent days, the tension, intensity, excitement and heart pounding edge-of-the seat wonder that included fakeouts, psych-outs, hints, drama and predictions flowed through every Towanda camper and counselor.

Who are the Generals, what are the teams, what and when is Breakout????

Then last night’s AIRBANDS (our lip-synch extravaganza)  was on! And it was awesome…over 14 acts of entertaining and humorous songs and skits!

For the last act, we had to video one more time everyone in the amphitheater, wearing red, white and blue!  Giant inflatable Uncle Sams, life size Statue of Liberty cutouts, dozens of Star Spangled beach balls, American Flags of all sizes filled the crowd!  Off  to the side was the Chevy, filled with even more patriotic paraphernalia.

As I led the singing, the video crew was taping; the entire camp singing and waving the flags, swaying their Uncle Sams and throwing their patriotic beach balls…

The words resounded against a beautiful sunset sky…

When the jester sang for the king and queen
In a coat he borrowed from James Dean
And a voice that came from you and me
Oh and while the king was looking down
The jester stole his thorny crown

At which time a thunderous explosion of 10 minutes worth of red and blue firewooks rammed up into the sky from beyond the other side of the field house in just 10 seconds; while red and blue confetti exploded above everyone’s heads from the new lighting tower at the top of the amphitheater.

The air horns sounded, the crowd went wild, screaming, huddling in support as the chevy drove in and the banners were unfurled on stage…..

The RED JESTERS and THE BLUE ROYALTY was presented as the fluttering continued of the confetti.

The Head JUDGIES announced the Generals, Camper Captains, Lieutenants and Sergeants.

The crowd went wild. Cheers, applause and highly spirited support; Breakout of the 2012 Towanda Olympiad had begun.

A quick team meeting, the opening ceremony with the lighting of the Olympic rings, staff meetings, Judgies meetings and taps.

The early reports say it was a great breakout, emotional on many levels: the campers huddled and hugging each other, the adrenaline of pride and support  and the overwhelming psyche for 5 days of fun, sportsmanship and competition; on all levels.

Camp Towanda was at its best and it just seems to get better every day,

I can’t wait for today’s activities to begin! I will be reffing GHOST matches for the next 5 days!!!

If our technology works, rope burning will be on the campcam, currently scheduled for Friday night…

Good luck red, good luck blue….


We are still in the after glow of Visiting Day!  The siblings that stayed over had a great time, our alumni that came for the Alumni Day BBQ were very nostalgic and it was another beautiful day.

Sunday night, our Staff All Star Basketball Game was a great evening activity; a capacity crowd filled the field house. The pre game show included Mitch & Stephanie dancing center court as the camp serenaded and kicked off their shoes (a la another scene for our new and improved American Pie lip dub… you know: “…. Can you teach me how to dance real slow?… You both kicked off your shoes- man I dig those rythym & blues…”)!

The game was the perfect setting for a Mitch vs. Jared Reiter half court backwards shot showdown contest (that the young Reiter foolishly thought he could win).  The two teams (Red Counselors vs. Blue Staff) entertained the audience with Globetrotter-like prowess, but the real excitement happened at halftime! Our gymnastics department put on an impressive show which was followed by the Club’s early FAKEOUT!!!! That first got the crowd excited, pumped and even more spirited as the Blue Gymnasts and the Red Acrobats faked out the crowd!  Try going to bed after that!

Monday was a thunderstorm day; major booms, claps and downpours.  But nothing could stop us from a jackpot Casino Night!

We said au revoir and bon voyage to the Club & Dorm and Seniors as they left for their trips to Montreal and Martha’s Vineyard today!

Another great week underway here at Towanda!!!