Girls Sing/Oh We’re Half Way There!

Yesterday marked the halfway point of the summer; 95 degrees and it was Girls Sing!

If there was ever an evening that  could define the sprit, tradition, legacy, love and respect of everyone who is part of our 2012 Camp Towanda Family, it would be last night! Camp is electric! Camp is unified!

Girls Sing was quite the event. The pride, effort, support, time, energy and devotion from the campers and counselors as well as all of the hard work that went into sing was nothing less than magical for all of us here.  No staff went off duty; everyone was part of it..

And oh, the boys; I wish you all could be flies on the wall. Their decorum and appreciation flowed in a burst of love and incredible pride and respect of their camp sisters. The cheering and applause; as well as the hugs and the tears.

From scenery to songbooks to themes and costumes; what a night! We had the “Debs and Dillies Down the Red Carpet”, “Tweens & Juniors in Emergencies”, “International News Network”, “Seniors Hit Route 66” and “Dorm Cartoon” (after they faked us out with their “Pretty Little Dorm” scenery).  In the end, the Dorm Girls won but it was EXCEPTIONALLY close.  Only 10 points separated first and last place.

The support from one group to the others was overwhelming; Stephanie and I had tears while watching.

It exemplified what an incredible experience this summer is for all of us here. I realize that parents are often interested to hear about sports and activities, that is all great here; but the life skills and the inter-personal growth without a keyboard or an electronic device is priceless. I think this is what makes us unique. You should just see how polite, respectful and appreciative our kids are here!

We’re still smiling in the glow of last night.  Can’t wait to for you to see more of it on Friday Nite Flix later this week!

Until then…

-Humming Mitch and Singing Stephanie