Lucky Strike Reunion Recap!

Wow! What a REUNION!

It was great to see all those who were able to make it to our November Reunion at Lucky Strike this past weekend! Can you think of a better Saturday than to be with your camp friends? Well, take that and mix it with the Summer 2012 FNF Highlights, some arcade games, bowling and tasty pizza and you’d be feeling pretty LUCKY!

How did everyone bowl? I think I saw Casper score a turkey…well, it was that or he was chasing one! Either way the Thanksgiving spirit was in the air and you could definitely sense the love and feel the power of the Camp Towanda family. Along those lines, thank you to those that were able to support and contribute to our Hurricane Sandy Relief Food Drive…. it was a great success!

The FNF highlights were amazing as everyone crowded onto the lanes to get a good view on any of the 13 ginormous HD monitors! It’s hard to think we will be able to top the fun and excitement we had in 2012… but I’ve got a feeling we will be Lucky in ‘13, for the NEXT BEST SUMMER EVER!!!  But until then, be a part of the excitement with our Offical Facebook Fan page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @CampTowanda, check out our Pinterest page, listen to us on Spotify and don’t forget to practice your knockout skills with your new official CT basketballs!