Olympics Sing 2014- Mitch’s Report

2345958a-a05b-4e94-a165-aef5bf48546dOlympics is officially over! The final night of sing was incredibly entertaining as the staff turned the Field House into a beach scene on the Red Lifeguard side and White Rock Mountain Ski Resort on the Blue side; incredible 3-D scenery, props, special FX, costumes and sounds! The entire Field House was transformed as skit, song and presentations ruled the night.

bf546404-48b3-4890-ba49-16b210a6347dIn the end, Blue won Sing, Red won plaque design and the final overall score was RED LIFEGUARDS 2823, BLUE SKI PATROL 2923; an incredibly even 100 point difference after 5 days and close to 5800 points. Congratulations BLUE, they get the STAR on their plaque!

881a46a4-6b66-4908-9084-09740ef15dcaAll in all, great excitement, sportsmanship, respect and friendship and fun; could not ask for anything more.  For the record books, here are the lyrics to Sing 2014! “Let it Snow! Let it Snow!”

Blue Ski Patrol Cheer & March


Red Lifeguards Cheer


Red Lifeguard March