Thunder, Thunderation!

Day 3 started off with a bang! A little thunder and some rain followed by a cool, breezy and sunny day!

We had sloppy joes for lunch and an afternoon of fun with our amazing coaches at basketball, golf, gymnastics, soccer and elsewhere.  After a great day, last night’s evening activities were: Upper Camp Campfire and Lower Camp ‘Towanda Open’ (a carnival of challenges that involve jello toss, pudding races, apple bobbing and french fries).  The night before, Upper and Lower Camp were reversed so everyone got to experience two great events.

If you are following us on Twitter (@camptowanda) you would have already heard yesterday that our Club boys were victorious in their first Wayne County intercamp baseball game!  And if you Like Us on Facebook, you would have seen those Dorm Girls dressed to impress for Maniac Monday!  We’ll continue to post bonus updates for all you social media fans out there.

Yesterday came to a close late last night when our campers from Spain arrived to a huge ovation with hugs and screams (as some of them are returning for their 6th summer).  Bienvenidos!!!

Now let’s have some fun on High Five Tuesday!!!