Towanda has talent…and a lot of HEART

What another great day… we ALL went to the Wayne County Fair. Hot, blazing, 90 degree fun!  Everyone with a  smile, cotton candy, chicken wing pretzel sandwiches or member of our ever-growing non-exclusive root beer mug club!

We had a dance party in the amphitheater as warm-up to the talent show. Of course, the dance party is only to classic rock; I get chills when the whole camp is singing the words to COME TOGETHER, BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP and SWEET CAROLINE!

The Talent show was hysterical, warm and entertaining; so many great acts, but I have to tell you; rather, WE have to tell you about one very special moment.  Picture this…

Two of our 9 year old girls from G-2, cheered on not only by their bunk and groupmates, but the entire camp, on stage, with the spotlights beaming. They single handedly brought down the house while at the same time created a new camp song, one for the ages….  Titled “Fall”….

Oh my, we were all mesmerized…… they wrote this on behalf of all the campers:

Olympics is clashin’
I’m surrounded by magic
Mitch and Casper have passed
You guys have to face it
Something is special to us
Camp Towanda
Big dreams are finally here
Why don’t you come and start to play
Soccer and basketball cover the Towanda Times
That’s what we want
But if you could go inside this camp
Then, you will see…
Camp Towanda won’t let you
Fall, fall, fall
Camp Towanda won’t let you
Fall, fall, fall
Camp Towanda won’t let you fall.
If you could look inside this camp
You will see Camp Towanda won’t let you
Fall, fall, fall
Camp Towanda won’t let you
Fall, fall, fall
Camp Towanda won’t let you fall
If you are new here, what do you do?
You make new friends; then, you come to Bunk 2
Friday Night Flix
It’s the best out of this
We don’t have a favorite pick
I know you’re a light sleeper
I’m kind of getting weaker
For getting you to sleep here
Upper camp: Hershey
Lower camp: Dorney
We can do it for the dreams of…
Music in Olympics
Rope Burning
You’ll have the best time of your life
I’m seeing some Ghost & Gaga
In the All-Star race, gonna run real far
Just for a reminder…
This camp won’t let you fall!!

Nothing else to say, but it has been a great summer.

Standing Ovation MITCH and A Shining Moment STEPHANIE

Camp Towanda Has Talent!!

We’ve got the fever, we’re hot, we cannot be stopped!  The spirit and the weather is hot!  We are sweating and energetic!   Our weekend activities were full of talent.  We had an awesome (and cute) Talent Show Saturday inside the Field House; the kids were great, the crowd enthusiastic and the cheering and hugs ecstatic!

Sunday night the entire camp enjoyed the Upper Camp Presentation of “N.C.W. Yankees” (aka Damn Yankees; as in NON CAMP WORD YANKEES)!  Then we all enjoyed milk and cookies as the moon rose over the main soccer field.  Late night ended with Upper Camp Parties in the Canteen for the Dorm & Club, and L.I.T.s.  The C.I.T.s partied on the Mansion Patio.

Our staff are enjoying their quality down-time as well. After a busy week of work (and play!), they enjoyed relaxing on the zip line under the lights and a staff basketball game;  we cancelled the staff campfire (as no one wanted additional heat)! Our off-duty staff even enjoyed inter-camp basketball games last night.  Camp is really fun for everyone!!

The spirit around camp is very positive and high; smiles, comfort and friendships is what we see a lot of! One can feel, smell and see how appreciative the campers are of being here; soaking in every bit as they grow, experience, try; all while genuinely being grateful for their time here.

This morning reveille called at 8:00 AM; breakfast with the Beatles and then it is Electionality tonight! This Camp Towanda tradition always promises to be a creative night of fun and spirit for all campers and counselors!!!  We will attempt to report on Twitter (@camptowanda) the “States” and their Delegates (you never quite know how the internet will behave at camp).

And just a side note regarding some of the emails we receive but never have the time to properly respond. Thank you!!! We appreciate the feedback and accolades….

Dear Mitch,
There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars we sent the kids to Towanda and in particular to you, Stephanie, and your amazing team. All I can say is thank you! Looking forward to visiting day.

And as phone calls begin, we want to share with you a wonderful letter we received from a parent:

We just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to listen to our son and know exactly what he needed to get past his “homesickness”…we always believed Towanda was a magical place and that we trusted you and your staff…but the way all of you handled this just confirms  Towanda is all that we knew it was and so much more…

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s to another great week at Camp Towanda!!!!