1, 3, 5, 6, We Want Olympics!

2b6c5cd8-dafd-4ea4-a888-2978663e4648Camp is reaching it’s all time high as we sailed past Visiting Day, thru the candy crash, beyond amazing trip days (like the Wayne County Fair) in anticipation for OLYMPICS!!!! First came the psych outs to Pink Floyd’s “Is there anybody out there” chant.  But nothing.  Then Monday morning, the Club Boys initiated a somewhat intentionally lame “fake out” at lineup.  Let the buzz officially begin.

While the days are filled with “regular” activities, exciting Wayne County Championship matches and other traditional festivities (Dip’n Dots near the picnic tables…10 flavors to choose from!), everyone is feeling the same thing: 1, 3, 5, 6 WE WANT OLYMPICS!

ffced99b-2736-432e-8098-81989f4153daThe tension of observing the Senior Staff and me change shirt colors, from red to blue and back again, took the suspicion and nerves to a new level!  After the all camp play, Robin Hood Men in Tights, The Club and Dorm joined forces and created a stimulating fakeout based on The Hunger Games.  The Club and Dorm linked together emotionally and by their clenched hands while the Jets and Debs were temporarily confused, but still enjoying the excitement yet to unfurl. We are all enjoying the ride attempting to decipher all the hysteria from psych out to fake out to when and WHAT is the real thing!

8453baf4-44ef-4f97-a7be-35adaa24d58dOn Tuesday the entire camp headed to the Wayne County Fair! Over 257 chicken wing pretzel sandwiches were consumed and there are now 37 goldfish swimming in the Mansion patio pond.  I think many watched the pig races or ate a deep fried Oreo.

The energy level was high at dinner, which got interrupted by a Flash Mob Disney Dance throughout the mess hall with the waiters, waitresses and entire kitchen department bursting into Disney song and dance with their trays, ketchup bottles and silverware; dancing on the tables, chaos up and down the center aisles!

616d0b1b-1bee-4b50-aaa4-cb0da75a8d26The kids were swooped up into high alert, but the dance ended and I went on with my dinner announcements…..and oddly enough, despite a day of Carny Foods, I announced we were going to do an unprecedented all camp canteen, to be distributed on the main basketball court…..well, that just took about 15 seconds for everyone to head to the main basketball court….


However, once they got there…..one couldn’t help but notice the blue and red smoke bombs out on the main soccer field, off in the distance…then the loudest rock and roll music was blasting from our aerial lift….as all the camp gathered in the soccer field, hands clenched, hearts beating, Pink Floyd’s “Is anybody out there” blasted…then on the zipline came a hard rocker with guitar wheeling the tunes…..THE BLUE DJS vs. THE RED ROCKERS. Was this it?

d864f639-f696-484c-89ad-525932c0e6d7The banners and Generals came running out…the Generals were annoiunced, the Club Camper Captains were announced and then just before the Dorm Girl CC’s were announced….the Club boys YELLED  ‘FAKEOUT”…

And with almost perfect timing, the skies opened up with a  heavy downpour and everyone retreated to the bunks.

Today is another day.  Is there anybody out there????

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