Classic Camp Day!

From start to finish, yesterday we hit it out of the ballpark! It was a “classic” Camp Towanda day from the Water Carnival to our “All-Star Baseball”-themed evening. Let me break it down for you:

We started with a lazy morning outdoor buffet breakfast……The nationals are on their multi-day excursion; the CITs had a day off and the rest of us had a B-L-A-S-T at the water carnival;   wet=wild=warm…on rides, slides, floats, boats, popcorn, cotton candy, watermelon, ice pops, hoses, golf balls, rapids and floating stuff!

Good music (of course) and heat…….hours of splashing and dancing! Stephanie even had a Fine Arts Class lakeside in the afternoon.

walk on waterI DON’T KNOW
Ending with our smorgasbord dinner; then Girls played PANIC (some sort of fun girl game) and the boys had Home Run derby…then, because we thought all star game was tonight (in past years it has always been on this corresponding date), we went with watching baseball bloopers and Abbot & Costello’s WHO’s ON FIRST (THAT never gets old) under the stars on the big screen (did you catch us on the live cam?)….while Bob The Boys HC, along with Howie our Program director, grilled dogs, served popcorn and hawked root beer (just like at the ballpark)…..another great camp tradition.

The Fun continues; we have Circus Workshops during the day today, Electionality  at night (one campaign slogan for camp president says” Vote for us, we would give you a chocolate chip cookie, but we don’t have any”! You gotta love that!

I was speaking with the CITs (our 17 year olds)  They were just hanging out, talking with me and Stephanie; joking, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company; at the end of the conversation, they said they “…love camp (most of them here already for 7-10 years so far) because one reason is that if they were ANYWHERE else, they would be texting; it is just more real here”.
I need not say anymore!

This place is magical on so many levels; I know I say it often but the growth, the confidence, the experience we see develop and improve EVERYDAY is phenomenal. I realize that some of you get different messages from the letter or phone call, but HERE, IN THE MOMENT, each camper is thriving, at their own pace and what is good for them, without being compared to anyone else.



It just keeps on getting better…….the Camp Towanda family!


P.S. Just in case you haven’t ever seen Abbot & Costello’s Who’s on First…it’s a must.




A beautiful day at camp yesterday (of course, we have altered our standards to accept gray, humid, moist and drizzling as a beautiful day).  We dodged as many dark clouds as we could! YOU NEVER KNOW*!

Fortunately, we have lots of facilities so we can juggle and make things happen, despite the weather! It doesn’t stop much here! EVERYDAY*!

soccerOur program yesterday consisted of Gaga, gymnastics, Legos, Archery, swim instruction, boating, team handball, (senior boys went on canoe trip), ghost, kickball, Arts & Crafts, basketball , zumba, yoga, tennis, the zip line, the toboggan slide, bumper cars, dance, volleyball, play rehearsal, football, fitness, hockey, rollerblading, golf, and track!  NOT BAD for very soggy conditions! We GOT the facilities and know how to manage them! Camp is THE BEST OF WHAT’S AROUND*!

luau2Last night we had some lakeside FUN with a LUAU for Lower Camp, the Inters and Nationals; limbo, hula skirts, games, water ski show and even a hint of a the first sunset of the summer!

Then a little “UTL”Under The Lights with Brad The Hypnotist doing card tricks as a warm up to his magic classes tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 5.37.52 PMWhile the older kids (Seniors/Dorm/Club/LIT/CIT) went to Bethel Woods to see Dave Mathews Band (Nothing like going to the Woodstock site prepared for a heavy downpour to really get the “essence” of Woodstock)! But alas, it actually ONLY lightly drizzled during the latter part of the show!

Animal Update for no RHYME OR REASON*: One of our “goats” has a new name, you know, the mini-horses now known as Chipmunk & Donkey; the rabbits are doing fine and our chickens are just about ready to produce eggs and leave their coop. However, we have decided to hold off on getting Kosher The Pig* until we go to the Wayne County Fair!

This morning was Porch Breakfast, which meant breakfast kind of in bed, then Magic Classes, regular Activities, inter camp games of course throughout the day and then in the evening it is Square Dancing!

Thursday, the 4th of July we have lots of fun activities planned… from our ceremonial flag raising to our Camp-a-palooza concert  to our Guinness record breaking attempt of simultaneous leap frogging to coed activities (a July 4th tradition) that ends with the Upper Camp presentation of High School Musical (highlights will be on FNFlix).

The big fireworks display is traditionally on the 5th of July (which we plan to do at after services at Sunset Lake).

All in all, an exciting line-up as we hope the weather system gets our message….
We are all just longing to sit down on the grass !!! A GOOD GOOD TIME*!

Okay, the concert-goers are home safely,
From after the Luau,
Aloha Mitch

PS: Not sure if I need to explain (*)..but those are song titles from the Dave Mathews Band!

waterbball vball smile luau boys luau kayak bobandmitch