Welcome to Summer 2014!

It was a “Top 10” day all around as we started off the 2014 summer!

Here are the Top 5 Things To When you Get to Camp Towanda. 

IMG_81601. A great afternoon of Big Brother/Big Sister Tours.











2. General Swim for All! Beach volleyball, pool basketball or hanging by the lake!











3. Free Play with the chickens!











4. Entertaining staff Welcome Show (where everybody knows your name).











5. Blazing bonfire, milk & Jonesy’s Cookies and ETB (that’s early to bed) for everyone.











Day 2 is off to a beautiful start! Make sure you come back to our blog and visit often. We will be sharing the latest updates from camp, advice for camp parents, and inside scoop–LIVE from camp!

We welcome you to Camp Towanda, we’re mighty glad you’re here!There’s so much more in 20-1-4. Let’s go!

Mitch & Stephanie


First Day Reflections

What a day! We are all finally here; the weather was gorgeous; the busses arrived smoothly; lots of unpacking and icebreakers; extreme excitement in the air!

The Big Brothers and Sisters hung out with their new little brothers and sisters; we had a General Swim; delicious spaghetti dinner; an extremely entertaining staff welcome show; milk and cookies, then fun in the bunks. We are all here safely under a starry sky!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! All smiles here!